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4 Reasons To Join The InspireMore Creator Network.

InspireMore Creator Network

A brief introduction ðŸ‘‹ðŸ»

At InspireMore, our vision since day one has always been to build a platform that taps into our deep human desire to be inspired and to inspire others.

Since 2014, over 500 million people have been uplifted by the positive stories our amazing editorial staff has created, making us, at one point, the #15 most visited mobile website in the U.S.

We’re truly humbled by the impact we’ve seen in such a short time, but we want you to help us take things up a notch!

The next level of inspiration 🚀

Inspiration in the form of storytelling can change lives – we’ve seen it firsthand from our community. One reader told us they forgot how to cry until they read an InspireMore story; another shared how they’re actively fighting depression with the hope-filled stories we feature. Being inspired can have a real, positive impact on our culture.

With this powerful concept in mind, we set out to expand our platform so anyone can share their voice, and what inspires them, with the InspireMore community (millions strong and growing!).

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, a student, or you write for a living, we built the InspireMore Creator Network to make your voice the fuel that fires the world’s largest community of positive people.

If you have a story (or stories!) to share and want to be a part of making the internet a brighter place, then create your account today and join us on this exciting journey.

Here are some key reasons we hope the Creator Network will quickly become your go-to writing platform and community.

1. Make a real-world impact: The number one piece of feedback we hear from our readers is that they’re tired of (and even depressed by) all the negative news that’s covered. Our stories are the complete opposite. Not only do they inspire, but they change lives, impacting our readers in real, positive ways.

Robyn S. wrote: “I just subscribed to InspireMore yesterday and got my first Morning Smile e-mail today, and I sure am glad I did. I suffer from depression and this is something I really needed and didn’t even know it. I think the whole world should subscribe to this and I’m definitely going to be passing it on whenever I can. I want to say thank you to the people behind this. Keep up the good work. ðŸ™ðŸ»â€

Rachel T. told us: “I just want to say I’m glad that you guys created InspireMore. After all of the negativity in the world I need to know there are still other good people in the world to restore my faith. God bless you and the folks yo report on. This is my daily smile.”

Marianne S. said: “I’ve been getting your daily inspiration for some time now and I have to say, “I love everything you all are doing!” Today, as I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee, tears rolled down my face. I thought to myself, ‘gosh we need more of this, more of what good there is out there!’ You all inspire me to make someone else happy every day.” 

But that’s not all… we also help deserving nonprofits with our unique give-back model. We’ve been able to donate over $101,000 to 100+ amazing charities since 2014. Your work will directly help further the impact.

2. Be part of a vibrant community: Together with other Creators, you’ll work to bring inspiring content to millions and be the positive force changing our culture. We want your story to be the one that gives our readers a sense of belonging, brings a smile to someone’s face, or inspires them to reach for and achieve their dreams.

3. Build your brand in a 100% positive light: By joining the Creator Network, you’ll gain exposure to the millions of people who turn to InspireMore each month for hope and inspiration. You’ll get your own public author page where you can tell people what inspires you, how to find you on social, and soon, you’ll be able to build a following directly on the platform! We want the work of our Creators to shine, so we’ll do everything we can to show your work to the right people.

4. Get paid: If you get approved to join, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our revenue-share program. Every time someone comes to your story, you’ll earn a portion of our advertising revenue! That’s why we encourage Creators to share their work… you’ll not only be spreading your voice, but you’ll also be making money! Plus, if we share your story with our 5+ million social followers and email list, you’ll get paid for those views, too.

There’s no limit to earnings on the Creator Network; we’ll pay you a very competitive rate for every 1,000 pageviews your stories drive. The chart below highlights the exciting earning potential you could see when you regularly contribute and your stories pick up traction.

Pageviews Earnings
5,000 $15
10,000 $30
25,000 $75
50,000 $150
100,000 $300
200,000 $600
500,000 $1,500
1,000,000 $3,000
and beyond! $$$

*Note: your earnings balance must be at least $15 for InspireMore to issue a payment.

If you’re tired of all the negative news and media and want to be part of the solution, you’re in the right place! 👉 Apply to join now.

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