Real-Life Caddyshack: Golfers Capture Footage Of Gopher Attempting To Toss Ball From Its Hole.

Gopher pushing a golf ball out of its hole.

You know exactly what happened if you have even seen the 1980 movie “Caddyshack” with Bill Murray. For those of you who were deprived of the viewing pleasure, here is a brief recap. Bill Murray portrays a golf course maintenance person. He spends the entire movie chasing an errant gopher around the golf course. The gopher creates millions of extra holes and steals golf balls.

In this adorable video, a golfer notices a small mound of dirt that is shifting slightly. As they watch, a small white golf ball appears in the opening of a hole.

Golf ball seems to magically appear to be rising out of a hole.
Image from Instagram.

As the golfers look closer, the ball continues inching out of the hole. Suddenly, the cutest little gopher pokes his little head out, trying to push the ball over the mound of loose dirt.

A gopher pushes a golf ball out of its hole.
Image from Instagram.

In the video, someone asks, “Did it get out?” The pair giggle quietly, watching this little critter struggle with the golf ball. When you think the little gopher was successful, he ducks back into his hole, followed by the ball rolling in behind him.

Well, that didn't last long. As the critter ducked back into its hole, the ball rolled right back in behind it!
Image from Instagram.

Give The Little Gopher A Hand

Unlike the movie, this little gopher attempted to return the golf ball that rolled into its hole. The human golfers might need to offer some assistance as the ball seems almost as big as the tiny gopher. He is obviously struggling. The collective “Awww” when the ball rolls back into the hole was almost heartbreaking.

Watch this little fellow from San Diego, California, as he works hard to return the golf ball. Share this if you enjoyed this reverse “Caddyshack” moment. And if you haven’t ever seen the 1980 movie, queue it up on Pluto TV, where it streams free. It has an R17 rating and might not be suitable for younger audiences.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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