Incredibly Ditzy Dogs Forget To Use Their Nose During Hide & Seek With Mom.

A dog plays hide and seek with his owner.

When this dog mom decided to play hide and seek with her two pooches, she had no idea it would be this easy to win! In a hilarious TikTok video, a pet owner tested her four-legged friends to see if they could find her under a blanket. Spoilers: they couldn’t. Their confusion is especially funny when you consider that dogs are supposed to have a heightened sense of smell!


First, the dog owner started the hide and seek challenge with her Mastiff, Sirius. Huddled on the floor under a blanket, she called out his name. Sirius passed by his owner several times without giving a second thought to the suspicious pile of blanket. Although Mom called him continuously, the pooch didn’t get a clue until his owner poked her head out.

Next, it was Eddy the German shepherd’s turn. While he fared a little better than his brother, it still took him a while to figure it out. Once again, Mom had to keep calling her dog during hide and seek in order to get him to look under the blanket.

A dog plays hide and seek with his owner.
Screengrab from TikTok

“No noses were used in the making of this video,” she joked in her caption.

It’s funny to see how pups can be so smart in some situations, and so confused in others!

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