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Ray Romano’s Secret To 30 Years Of Marriage Has Ellen Howling With Laughter.

This year Ray Romano and his wife Anna celebrated their 30th anniversary. While that number is impressive on its own, in Hollywood – where marriages come and go, it’s that much more special.

A few years back, during an appearance on her show, Ellen DeGeneres asked the actor/comedian what his secret was. He answered, “If you are someone with ‘fame,’ whatever amount, it’s good to be married to someone who’s not impressed with that at all.” To illustrate his point, Ray began telling a story that a lot of married couples can probably relate to.

“It was the morning and I decided I’m going to try and get romantic, shall we say?”


“The thing that’s good about being married for that long is you know right away whether it’s going to happen or not,” he continued.

He talks about how his wife is very efficient at giving him the no-go signal. Ray keeps telling his story: “I make my move and my move is just to put my arm on her shoulder. And she knows, if it’s the morning and I’m touching her in the morning she knows…”


“And here’s how I knew it wasn’t going to happen – she didn’t even move … and she said, ‘What’s your problem?'”

Ray goes on to talk about how “the morning is your best shot” if you’re a married man, for three hilarious, but very true reasons.


Watch the whole video below to find out how Ray’s marriage has lasted so long and share to spread some laughs!

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