Rare Arctic Duck Unexpectedly Turns Up In Indiana Town, Stumps Officials.

After rehabilitation, a rare Arctic sea duck was released in a nearby pond in Indiana

A young girl in Greenfield, Indiana, rescued a rare Arctic duck normally found in northern regions. The duck, weighing around one pound, was resting in the middle of a road. The girl named her Rosealini before turning it over to wildlife rehabilitation specialists at Hancock Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

The duck was identified as a female long-tailed sea duck. The typical habitat for this species is the Arctic and northern coastal regions. Personnel at the rehab center found some blood on her but no injuries.

Rare Arctic duck was discovered in Indiana and sent to the  Hancock Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.
Image from Facebook.

Although it wasn’t as cozy as the Peabody Hotel, the center was a comfortable setting to allow Rosealini to rest. The director of the rescue, Jen Hancock, told USA Today that she was weak and that the shelter provided “TLC, R&R, anti-inflammatory medication, and some good food.” The puzzle of her appearance is unsolved. The area is in the middle of an urban expanse, with only a few small retention ponds.

They had attempted to have the duck ready for release by Christmas so she could hitch a ride north on Santa’s sleigh. When that wasn’t feasible, they held her another day until she was healthy enough for release. She was set free in a nearby pond.

Rescuers watched her make several dives before leaving her on her own to return to her northern home.

Arctic Sea Ducks Are Amazing Little Birds

Long-tailed sea ducks are amazing divers. They can swim as deep as 200 feet, using their wings as underwater propulsion. Their typical migration path keeps them in coastal regions and areas like Michigan’s upper peninsula. Their populations are decreasing, causing concern among Ornithologists. Finding this arctic duck in Indiana is concerning and could show changes in migratory patterns.

The wildlife rehabilitators at Hancock Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center are hopeful that Rosealini will return to her normal migration route and reunite with others of her species. If you enjoyed this story, please share it with your friends.

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