“Random Girl” Delivers Incredible Whitney Houston Cover On Mall Karaoke Machine.

A random girl delivers an incredible performance on a mall karaoke machine.

Usually, a random girl queuing up a Whitney Houston song on a karaoke machine in a public mall doesn’t bode all that well. However, in 2012, a young woman named Zendee went viral online for her insanely good cover of “I Will Always Love You.” In fact, her impromptu performance was so impressive, it ended up changing the course of her life! Shortly after the video of her singing appeared on YouTube, career opportunities started opening up for the young artist.

Zendee, whose full name is Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerefe, became well-known on the internet as the “random girl” who serenaded the mall with her karaoke cover. Last.fm tells us that, before her breakthrough, she was fighting to prove her talent in singing competitions. However, after becoming an online sensation, she was signed to Warner Music Philippines.

Nowadays, you can easily find Zendee’s music on various streaming services. This former “random girl” is also quite the social media star, boasting over 12 million followers on TikTok! We’re so glad that Zendee decided to share her beautiful singing voice at the karaoke machine all those years ago. It’s always delightful to see people using their talents to bring joy to others. Now this singer’s audience includes people all over the world!

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