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Woman Stumbles Upon Husband’s “Secret Instagram” Full Of All The Meals He Makes Her.

Last month, Rachael Sullivan found out that her husband has a secret Instagram account.

The account name? “Meals She Eats.” The account’s purpose? Documenting all the meals that Tom, her husband, cooks just for her! Surprised? So was she!

At the beginning of February, Rachael posted a TikTok video explaining the details of how she was scrolling through Instagram one day when she saw a familiar name in the “people you may know” section.

“It said ‘Tom Sullivan¬†@MealsSheEats,’ and I was like, ‘Who is this “she”?'” Rachael told Today.

Turns out, Tom has been posting on this page over the past year as a sort of food diary, recording each recipe he has made. It all started after a doctor suggested that Rachael change up her diet for health reasons.

“I went to the doctor for a checkup and my hormone levels came back all whacked out and I had cysts near my ovaries,” Rachael said. “That’s when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. They recommend you do a gluten- and dairy-free diet, and Tom just went full force into it.”

No stranger to the kitchen, Tom has been actively cooking up new recipes over the last 11 years.

So when Rachael needed to adjust her eating habits to regulate her hormones, Tom took to Alisa Vitti’s book “WomanCode” to find out which foods would be best for his wife at various points in her monthly cycle.

“I have all these recipes everywhere,” Tom said. “An Instagram page just seemed like an easy place to organize them. It was for when Rachael would say, ‘Hey, what was that meal you made here?’ or when friends would ask what Rachael posted on her Instagram and ask for the recipe.”

In following this hormone-focused meal regimen, the couple hopes they’ll have better chances when it comes to having a baby.

“Tom knows more about menstrual cycles than most women do,” Rachael said with a laugh. “And I’m six months regulated right now, which is super exciting.”

Seems like Tom’s hormone-regulating recipes are doing the trick!

Now others are getting to reap the rewards of his culinary diligence. His Instagram has amassed more than 18,000¬†new followers over the past month thanks to the hype surrounding Rachael’s viral TikTok.

Rachael closed out her video with the words, “I literally love this man so much. And there’s nothing I want more in life than to just have his babies.”

Hopefully, these recipes will get them one step closer to parenthood!

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