Teacher’s Classroom Hack Gets Young Kids Quiet In A Fun Way.

Think back to elementary school. Was there a game your teacher played with your class that you absolutely loved (like Heads Up, Seven Up)? The joy of that one game could turn even the most boring day into a great one!


One teacher discovered a fantastic way to get her students to quiet down without disciplining anyone. The fun method is one her students will remember for years to come, and we’re sure other teachers are going to start adopting it!


Teacher Denise recently posted her classroom hack on the Relief Teaching Ideas Facebook page. The trick is meant for students between kindergarten and fourth grade, and the concept is simple. She created “quiet critters” that only come out when everyone is quiet.

Better yet, during quiet time, she puts a critter on every desk. Of course, the little creatures don’t like loud noises or being played with, so if a student startles them by making too much noise, the skittish thing moves to the other side of the desk. If the child continues to be disruptive, their critter scurries home to their jar.

After quiet time is over, Denise tells her students the critters need to rest at home so they’ll be ready for their next appearance. Then, everyone who kept their critter on their desk for the entire time gets a prize!


Denise and her son even wrote a poem for the critters’ jar that starts with: “We are quiet critters. We only come around when you are working quietly. We get scared when we hear a sound!”

What an ingenious idea! Since Denise posted her explanation online, it’s gained plenty of traction. And why wouldn’t it? Educators from all over have fallen in love with her fun way to control the noise in her classroom!


Denise’s creativity is an inspiration to tired teachers everywhere! She’s created such a whimsical approach to keeping her small students quiet. Keep up the great work, Denise!

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