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Purrfectly In-Sync Kittens Meow Their Way Into The Hearts Of Millions.

Close up of two Ragdoll kittens meowing, mouths wide open, heads back, and little teeth showing.

Have you ever been so close with someone that it’s like the two of you can finish each other’s sentences? That’s the exact type of relationship that Eevee and Yoshi have! Well, the cat version of that, anyway. These adorable Ragdoll kittens can be found all over their human’s TikTok account, but a recent video has become so popular that it’s reached over 4 million likes!

The reason why so many love this video, I believe, has to do with the fact that it showcases Eevee and Yoshi’s tight-knit relationship. When their human says hello to them, they both “meow” back in purrfect unison. When she asks how they do that, they simply “meow” back in response, in sync once more.

Meowing in unison isn’t the only trick these kittens have up their sleeves! They can also twirl and give high fives. All in all, it’s no wonder that Eevee and Yoshi have captured the hearts of people all across the world!

Watch Eevee and Yoshi stay adorably in sync in the video below.


They must know how cute they are

♬ original sound – Eevee & Yoshi

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