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5 Adorable Videos That Will Make You Love Opossums


Opossums are such misunderstood animals. Sure, they can sometimes lack the inherent “cute factor” you might find in a puppy or a kitten, but these amazing creatures can absolutely be adorable and wonderful in their own way! They eat ticks, almost never get rabies, and are all-around almost harmless animals. 

If you’re not convinced, you will be after seeing these adorable videos:

1. She’s Eating An Apple, And It’s Too Precious! 

This is Remi, and she likes apples! One incredibly adorable thing about opossums is the way they chew food. They have a precious open-mouth chewing method that people just can’t pull off! Take a look:

2. The Cutest Gardening Buddy

This opossum’s name is Chuck, and he is just one-of-a-kind adorable. Chuck has a certain round fluffiness to his face that makes him look quite unique. Watch him choose exactly when he wants his close-up below: 


Little garden teddy bear 😍😍😍#opposum #trashcat

♬ original sound – JB

3. If You Love It, Slub It!

Remi is back again in this video to show you what opossums do when they love something! When an opossum wants to mark something as their territory, they’ll rub their face on it in a behavior known as slubbing. This is almost like the reverse of the motion a cat does when they rub their face on you. Take a look:

4. She’s The Best Mommy! Most Of The Time…

Opossums are incredibly dedicated mothers! You wouldn’t catch a human mother carrying quite this many of her children on her back. Maybe a handful, but there are at least eight babies here! Now I will note, they can’t quite count… so if one falls off, mom usually doesn’t notice. If you ever find a baby opossum on their own, make sure to call a wildlife rehabilitator because mom won’t come back for it! 

5. A Little Chubby, A Lot Adorable

This opossum is named JuJu! He’s a tad bit on the chubby side, but it makes him endearing. He has about the same face I have when someone makes me dance! 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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