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Tiny Puppy Valiantly Defeats Intruder Who Dared Enter Their Yard

Left image shows a puppy attacking an "intruder" in his yard. Right image shows the puppy after having vanquished the opponent, proudly carrying it to his mom.

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Puppies are little bundles of energy with teeth. They play fiercely and will defend their puppy yard territory to the death. Well, maybe not death, but at least until the enemy surrenders. Our valiant little warrior appears to be a skilled defender.

The battle begins with our little warrior discovering the offensive villain in the middle of his puppy yard. He approaches recklessly, throwing all caution to the wind. This little puppy knows no fear! He looks almost like a tiny bear cub, his ears flapping as he attacks the villain.

Image shows a tiny puppy defending his puppy yard against an intruder (a reflector on a plastic stake).
Image from Facebook.

The tiny warrior is fierce in his unrelenting attack. He spins quickly, attempting to gain an advantage over his opponent.

Image shows a tiny puppy in a yard and attacking a reflector on a plastic stake in his yard.
Image from Facebook.

The puppy defends his yard with every part of his being. He managed to wrestle the villain to the ground. Pinning the enemy to the ground with his sharp little teeth, the puppy gives a mighty tug.

Left image shows a puppy pinning a reflector on a plastic stake to the ground in its puppy yard. Right image shows the puppy carrying the reflector.
Image from Facebook.

The victorious puppy marched across the yard, proudly carrying his opponent. He took his prize to his giggling human mommy, who recorded the entire adventure. We hope the reflector wasn’t marking anything vital in the puppy yard. It didn’t stand a chance against the mighty warrior’s sharp teeth and lightning-fast puppy reflexes.

Image shows a victorious puppy carrying a reflector on a plastic stick to its human mommy.
Image from Facebook.

If you are a puppy parent, you have seen this battle royale many times. Puppies will “attack” anything within their sight. It is always helpful to have appropriate toys available for indoor and outdoor playtimes. Another option is to get another puppy. Two is always better, and they can have battles against each other!

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