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“Mission Impawsible:” Kitten Rescued After Getting Wedged Between Semi Truck Tires

A small grey and white kitten stuck between two truck tires.

An Ohio truck driver found something surprising while double-checking his vehicle before driving off β€” there was a stuck kitten in need of a rescue! This tiny animal had somehow gotten caught in between two tires. Ohio State Patrol officers arrived on the scene to see what they could do. However, it turned out that extricating the feline would be more difficult than expected!

As authorities attempted to rescue the kitten from the truck tires, they found that the little critter had gotten her claws stuck on something. Eventually, they had to take off one of the tires in order to reach the small animal. Once they managed to get hold of the kitty, they quickly placed her in a cardboard box to keep her safe. UPI tells us that the Portage Animal Protection League took over from there.

You can actually watch a video of this kitten getting rescued from in between the truck tires on social media! The Ohio State Patrol’s Northeast office shared some very wholesome footage of the recovery mission.

See this daring kitten rescue in action!

“Watch this meow-velous rescue of a kitten stuck in a semi’s wheel well,” they wrote in their caption. “This seemingly im-paw-sible rescue mission had a happy ending…thanks to the purrfect teamwork by all on scene!”

After the kitten had been safely apprehended, one member of the rescue team pointed out how lucky it was that the truck driver had inspected the vehicle.

“Thankfully, you found her before you drove off,” the woman said.

Smiling, the truck driver joked that this occasion was “proof” that he always peformed his customary inspection before driving.

A small grey and white kitten stuck between two truck tires.
Screengrab from X

Commenters on social media were relieved to find out that the kitten was safe and sound.

“I’m so glad there was a happy outcome,” wrote one user. “Thank you to everyone for being so kind to the frightened kitten.”

Another added, “Thank goodness for the safety walk around!”

This kitty must have been so scared and confused! We’re glad that the rescue team was able to get her to safety.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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