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Abused Dalmatian Was Terrified Of Men… Until This One Opened Her Heart Again

An adorable Dalmatian rescue settles into her new home.

When an abandoned Dalmatian named River was rescued by a local shelter, she was in bad shape. This poor pooch had been tied to a pole in a nearby park and left there. Even after the shelter took her in, River was so anxious that she wouldn’t stop chewing her own foot. Eventually, it became hard for her to walk on it! What this rescue dog really needed was a permanent home, so the organization called up the one guy they thought could help: Lee Asher, founder of Asher House.

Unfortunately, one of River’s top triggers seemed to be men. Shelter workers weren’t sure how she would respond to being adopted by a man. However, it wasn’t long before Lee Asher worked his magic on the rescue Dalmatian. He was pretty sure it must have been a man that abused and abandoned her, so he was very patient as he tried to convince the pooch that he wasn’t a threat. Eventually, River the rescue dog was ready to get in the car with her new human and drive all the way to Asher House!

During the several hour road trip, Lee Asher reported that the Dalmatian rescue was doing much better. Not only had she calmed down a lot, but she even felt comfortable enough to fall asleep! By the time the pair arrived at Asher house, the sweet pup had a new name: Rain.

An adorable Dalmatian rescue settles into her new home.
Screengrab from YouTube

The Dodo shared the most beautiful footage of the Dalmatian settling into her new home with the other rescue dogs on YouTube. She looked happy, healthy, and, above all, completely unafraid! It’s pretty safe to say that Lee Asher changed this pooch’s life.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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