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Pumpkin Carving Is Going To The Birds: 4 Chickens That Carved Awesome Pumpkins

chicken pumpkin carving

If you tried carving a pumpkin using only your mouth, it probably wouldn’t go too well… However, these chickens have slightly better tools than we do, and they do a fantastic job of carving pumpkins! With a bit of help from their keepers, of course. 

Check out these groups of talented chickens and their pumpkin carving skills:

1. Smiling Chicken Pumpkin Carving

You’d think these hens wouldn’t have much accuracy when it comes to the face of the pumpkin, but you’d be surprised! Just check out the smiling final product after these ladies got to work!

2. Couldn’t Get Enough

These chickens enjoyed the carving so much, that they created their own on the back of the pumpkin! However, their carving was a bit less innovative… I think they just wanted more snacks! 

3. Chicken Pumpkin Carving Competition

This time around, the whole flock got to action! Take a look at all the different carvings and decide which is your favorite. I’m partial to the orange one, with the eyes and the mouth! 


Help me decide the winner! Who carved the best pumpkin!! The Silkies, General Population, or the Chicks! Post down in the comments the winning flock gets a treat! #modernhomestead #homesteading #homestead #chickenscarvingpumpkins #competition #pumpkins

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4. Not Quite Starry-Eyed

This chicken owner tried to put a creative twist on the trend with some stars for eyes. The chickens, however, had other plans! What I really want to know is how they managed to keep the pumpkin up on that pedestal! 

If you happen to own chickens, this is a great opportunity for some fun and enriching snacks for your birds! If you don’t own chickens, I’m sure you still had a blast watching them carve up those pumpkins anyway! Spooky season is the best kind of season, so enjoy the pumpkins just as much as these chickens did. 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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