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Meet The Cutest Marsupial That You’ve Never Heard Of!


The mulgara is a small marsupial native to the desert regions of Australia. This remarkable creature is elusive and not widely known, but is captivatingly charming and absolutely precious. You just have to see this adorable little creature!

person holding a mulgara

Though they look a bit like a mouse, the mulgara is actually a marsupial! Though they may not look it, their closest relative is the Tasmanian devil. Mulgaras have a distinct brush-like tail, which they use for balance and communication. 

These little creatures live in the sandy deserts and grasslands of central Australia. Though they look dainty and adorable, mulgaras are fierce little predators! They hunt a variety of small prey, including insects, spiders, lizards, and small mammals. They are quite nimble and swift little creatures, using their speed to catch prey.

Like many other Australian marsupials, the mulgara’s primary threats to survival include habitat loss and introduced species such as cats and foxes.

Thankfully, conservation organizations are working to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the arid ecosystems where the mulgara resides. Additionally, researchers are taking steps to control the population of introduced predators and restore degraded habitats. 

Mulgaras have a number of unique characteristics, behaviors, and traits! Here are some interesting facts about these marsupials:

  • The mulgara is known for its ability to survive without drinking water. They obtain all the moisture they need from their prey.
  • Mulgaras are excellent diggers. They construct burrows in the sand, which they use to shelter from extreme temperatures and hide from predators.
  • They have a keen sense of smell, allowing them to locate prey from long distances in the desert.
  • Male mulgaras mark their territory with scent glands on their chest and defend it fiercely against intruders.
  • Mulgaras are solitary creatures. Individuals rarely interact except during breeding season.

Mulgaras might be little, but they are fascinating creatures! And absolutely adorable to boot. These marsupials are a testament to the immense amount of diversity our planet holds. There are countless species across the globe that you’ve probably never heard of and even more that researchers haven’t discovered yet! 

Stay curious, and try to learn something new every day! 


You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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