Professional Photographer Gives Shelter Dogs A Whole New Look!

puppy getting photo taken and tan pit bull

Photography is an important part of the shelter adoption process. So often, dogs are quickly photographed as they’re checked into a shelter, and their scared faces can keep adopters from connecting with them. This professional photographer is giving shelter dogs a chance to put their best paw forward!


Check out some of the amazing before-and-afters from AGoldPhoto Pet Studio. They’re doing important (and adorable) work!

1. Maya’s never looked better!


Today was from our second adoption photo day this month at the @HumaneSocietyTampa. 
We have been so lucky to have sponsors that are helping us go to the shelter more often! We have photographed 23 shelter pets this month so far, Yay! 
We have 2 shoots planned for November and 3 shoots planned for December. We’re still looking for a sponsor for our adoption photo shoot on December 13th. If your business or company would like to sponsor us, please send us a DM. 
In this BTS video is Maya! She had 6 head tilts, which I think is a record for us! She’s a 2 year-old Boxer Mix and had puppies shortly after she arrived at the shelter. She’s very sweet, but can be shy at first. She warms up very quickly though and it didn’t take long for her personality to come out. 
What do you think about her intake photo vs the photo we took? #rescuedog #shelterdog #tampa #agoldphoto

♬ This Wish – From “Wish” – Ariana DeBose & Disney

2. This senior dog is looking dapper as could be!


We take new photos of shelter pets to help replace their intake photos. The intake photo is just a quick identifier photo and is not meant to stay on the website very long. We have been volunteering at @HumaneSocietyTampa once a month since 2016 and we’re on a quest to be able to go to the shelter more and more. How do we do that? We had the idea to seek sponsorships from businesses and companies to help offset the cost of being at the shelter more. We’re able to quadruple our impact by having 4 adoption photo shoots a month instead of just 1. We’re looming for more sponsors to help us in January and beyond. We have 2 shoots planned for November and 4 in December with the help of sponsors. If you would like to sponsor, please send us a DM or email We also have a Patreon that Individuals can contribute to monthly for as little as $5. Diesel, in this video, is STILL available for adoption. He’s 12 years old and can be a little selective with the dogs he likes. A meet and greet is recommenced. Thanks to Elite Rewards for sponsoring his shoot and to @FairyTail Pet Care for helping with our shoots too. #rescuedog #shelterdog #tampa #agoldphoto #humanesocietyoftampabay

♬ Standout – Kid Dean

3. Sweetie is so photogenic!


We take new photos of shelter pets to replace their intake phtoo! We photographed Sweetie on 10/23 but she was already adopted into a foster home. When we checked the shelter’s website yesterday, we saw that she was returned. In her intake photo, you can’t see how erect her ears can be and with the funny noises I make and the fast movements towards the camera, we were able to capture those! Yay! Sweetie is a year old and weighs just under 43 lbs. As an update on our quest for adoption photo shoot sponsors, we are still looking for support from businesses and companies who want to help us go to the shelter once a week. We’ll always volunteer once a month but a sponsorship helps us go more and help pets like Sweetie find a home faster. Please send a DM or email if you would like more info about sponsoring. We also have a Patreon if you want to support us for as little as $5/month. Thanks to @fairytail_petcare for helping during the shoot and Elite Rewards for being Sweetie’s adoption photo sponsor. Lastly, we have been getting messages from other photographers who have been inspired to contact their local shelter. That in and of itself is a huge win too. #rescuedog #shelterdog #agoldphoto #humanesocietyoftampabay #tampa #dogsoftampabay #tampadogs

♬ Little Omens – Alfie Jukes

4. Don’t you want to take Cletus home?


We take new adoption photos at @HumaneSocietyTampa to help shelter pets get adopted faster. What do you think of Cletus’ new photo? He is still avaipable for adoption! #rescuedog #shelterdog #humanesocietyoftampabay

♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

5. This pup-on-the-run looks so adorable!


Eveyrone has photos of their pets on their phone, but how many of them are professional? #petphotography #petphotographer #dogphotography #dogsoftampa #tampadogs #agoldphoto #tampafl #agoldphoto

♬ Happy Summer – Vin Music

6. Let’s give Tonka and all the adorable pitties out there some love!


This is Tonka! She’s a Pit Bull and helping us promote Pit Bull adoptions with @humanesocietytampabay. Go adopt a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix from a rescue or shelter! #pitbull #pitbullsoftiktok #agoldphoto #dogsoftampa #pitbulldogs #pitbulls_official

♬ Acoustic guitar live performance Gentle and nimble in nature(1007339) – Melonest

I hope you enjoyed these adorable photoshoots! If you’re thinking of bringing a pup home this season, remember to head to your local adoption shelter. They’ll help you find the perfect pet!

The featured images for this post are from TikTok (here and here).

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