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Kevin Bacon Saves The Day In Search For Missing Pig, Also Named “Kevin Bacon.”

A two photo collage. The first shows Kevin Bacon, the actor, sitting in his home in front of a record player. The second photo shows a pig named Kevin Bacon looks through the openings of a wooden fence.

When Chelsea Rumbaugh of Pennsylvania brought home a 200-pound, two-year-old pig named Kevin Bacon on October 13, she had no idea the journey that lay ahead. In fact, it would begin the very next day when Kevin somehow managed to dig his way out of his pen. This prompted what would turn into a two-week rescue mission.

During those two weeks, it seems that Kevin went on quite an adventure. Meanwhile, his new family set out to get all the help they could. This led to them creating a Facebook page called “Bring Kevin Home.”

A large pig named Kevin Bacon sits next to a fence.

In sharing updates and lots of adorable photos of Kevin, Chelsea and her missing pig quickly garnered attention. He was spotted several times but would always manage to narrowly escape.

“Kevin and I have been doing a song and dance since 8:30am,” Chelsea shared with Facebook followers on October 30. “He comes close, I wait and then inch towards him, he trots away. He didn’t even ask to dance he just thought it sounded fun I guess. It’s incredibly frustrating BUT he comes back every time and hasn’t left my property since we first spotted him at 6:30am. I’ll take that victory.”

Pig named Kevin Bacon looks through the openings of a wooden fence.

As surprised as Chelsea was by all of the attention Kevin was garnering, nothing could have prepared her for actor Kevin Bacon joining the conversation. I can only imagine that he became aware of this mischievous pig because they share the same name.

In a post on the Thread app, Bacon (the actor) shared an article about the missing pig, captioning it with, “Bring Kevin Home!”

Kevin Bacon, the actor, sits in his home in front of a record player.

Thankfully, just four days later, Chelsea was able to hatch the perfect plan. She snuck some Benadryl on a tasty treat, a sticky bun, more specifically, in hopes Kevin would take the bait. Later that day she found him fast asleep. She took him home, shared a photo, and simply captioned it, “He’s home.”

Since then, Kevin has begun to learn that his new home is a safe place with people and creatures he can trust. As stressful as this ordeal has been, it’s given Chelsea inspiration to potentially write a children’s book based on Kevin’s adventures.

View of someone sitting the ground, their legs stretched out. A large pig named Kevin Bacon sleeps a couple of feet away from them.

“Our current loose working idea is a variety of stories told from Kevin’s perspective as a pig being placed in a new home and what difficult feelings he may be facing,” Chelsea shared on Facebook. “The foster/adoption system has always been close to my heart so I’m hoping to create a way for younger children to understand difficult feelings.”

Still, no matter when or if that book becomes available, you can keep up to date on the adventurous life of Kevin Bacon (the pig) on his recently renamed Facebook page: “Kevin’s Home Adventures.”

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