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Professional Panda Hugger Has World’s Best Job. Just Watch Once She Sits Down!

Pandas are undeniably some of the world’s most snuggly creatures. The furry white and black fur balls can barely even move around when they’re babies, but that just makes them even more adorable. They may not be privy to how much their sweetness affects our hearts, but interestingly enough, it’s a natural need for them to be soothed and snuggled.

Yes, you read that correctly… the amount of charm continues. So to satisfy that urge, the baby pandas have a surrogate mother. Along with monitoring, feeding and cleaning the pandas, this woman is in charge of – you guessed it – cuddling them, too!

Hugging any animal as your profession has got to be amazing, but this is on a different level…

These baby pandas let out the cutest yelps, wanting nothing more than to be held. And this lady is more than eager to oblige.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that once the word gets out this job actually exists, application will go through the roof. The employee training must create so much happiness!

Here’s the Takeaway: Panda hugging may be a little out of reach, but make sure you find a profession that you can enjoy!

Watch below and share this sweet interaction with a friend in need of a smile.


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