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Serenity Solutions: 23 Products to Rescue Parents Uttering ‘Oh My God’ on Repeat


Are you looking for something, anything to calm down your hyperactive kids??! Don’t worry; there’s hope. 

From natural supplements to toys that will naturally exhaust your energetic child, this guide has everything you didn’t know you needed. 

And we didn’t forget about stress-relieving products for YOU, either! Spoiler: instant migraine relief is finally accessible.

1. This calming roll-on essential oil treatment is therapeutic, kid-safe, and travel-friendly. 


The KidSafe Essentials Roll-On Set is really the complete package for parents with over-active or stressed kids. 

The various therapeutic ingredients calm down children, kill germs, and make falling asleep easier (what more could you ask for??). 

Buyers especially love the roll-on feature because it makes applying and controlling the amount they use easier! 

2. Use this sensory sea lamp to make bedtime a million times less chaotic. 

Image by Bright Autism

If your kids get overstimulated right before bed, this ocean wave projector is the ideal solution. 

Specifically designed for kids with ASD and ADHD, this sea lamp creates a more comfortable atmosphere and a better rest environment. 

Parents who bought this lamp instantly noticed a difference, with one buyer noting: 

“The first night I put it on, she laid next to it and went to sleep. She loves the different soothing noises!” 

3. Get ahead of known stressors while boosting cognition with Mary Ruth’s miracle drops. 


Sometimes, we know certain events or times of the year make kids a little more hyperactive than usual. 

Why not get ahead of these situations with a liquid herbal supplement designed to help kids calm their nervous system and boost their focus?

These USDA Organic drops are easy to take, which parents loved because it means saying so long to hard to swallow capsules! 

4. Try out a sensory brush to distract your child and soothe anxiety. 


The best way for some kids to handle their stress or fear is by turning their attention elsewhere. 

The Special Supplies therapy brushes are proven to help children and adults manage their anxiety by brushing the bristles against their skin or clothes. 

“These work wonders for my son. Great value, and they hold up well.” 

Buyers also loved that the product came in a pack of 6, allowing them to store the brushes around the house so they’re ready to use!

5. If you’re looking to physically exhaust your kid to calm them down, a movement sensory sock is the answer.


This dynamic movement sensory sock is the perfect solution for hyperactive kids. 

Plus, the all-side elastic effect improves balance, increases spatial awareness, and boosts movement creativity (talk about an all-in-one product!). 

Because of the high-quality, durable material, customers attest this product is “totally worth the buy.” 

6. Put your trust in Dr. Teal’s to transform hectic baths into a calming experience for your children. 

Image by Dr. Teals

Best known for their restorative bath salts, Dr. Teal’s is a brand you can trust to help calm your kids. 

The 3-in-1 formula works for bubble baths, body wash, and shampoo and is safe on sensitive and hypoallergenic skin. 

“I absolutely love this stuff. My girl’s hair is so shiny and soft, and it helps settle them down,” one satisfied buyer says! 

7. Is sleeplessness your child’s issue? Treat it with Zarbee’s tasty melatonin gummies. 


Zarbee’s naturally flavored gummies contain only 1 mg of melatonin, offering the perfect formula to gently guide your kid to sleep. 

The easy-to-chew gummies are also drug-free and free of artificial sweeteners, making them a healthy sleep support option. 

Buyers admire the fast-acting solution (15-20 minutes) and attest their kids aren’t opposed to the flavors. And with 50 gummies for under $15, they’re a great value, too!

8. Tire out your toddler with a class Sit ‘n Spin toy from Playskool. 


This classic Playskool toy is a crowd favorite for a reason! 

Offering hours of indoor fun for kids 18 months and up, the toy’s twirling motion helps kids practice balance and coordination while burning energy. 

Plus, designs inspired by their favorite TV shows are available, including PJ Masks and Peppa Pig!

“My 3-year-old and 1.5-year-old both love playing with this. And it gets a lot of their energy out,” one satisfied customer says. 

9. Engage their minds and boost creativity with this water drawing mat. 


This 40 by 28-inch water drawing mat is the perfect way to redirect your kids’ high-energy mindset to something productive (and time-consuming!). 

The all-in-one package includes water-filled pens that allow children to draw on the mat again and again with no mess! 

“I love that I can give my kids the water marker and not hover over them waiting to draw off the mat,” one parent says. 

10. Encourage self-soothing techniques with this 4-pack of sensory fidget tubes. 


These hands-on calming toys from hand2mind include sensory glitter, fidget, reverse hourglass, and gravity spinner tubes. 

Not only are these tubes mesmerizing, but they also teach kids how to deal with big emotions effectively without the overstimulation that comes from screen time. 

Numerous buyers were amazed at how great these tubes worked! 

Plus, the product “comes with a little booklet that tells you how to talk about emotions and feelings.” 

11. Help your kids experience the comfort of a hug from anywhere with a weighted stuffed animal.


With hyper or stressed kids, the power of a hug can go a long way. 

These weighted stuffed animals ensure your child can feel secure and relaxed wherever they are. 

Alongside being extremely cuddly, these plush toys are made with safe materials and CPSC-certified cotton.

“My 3-year-old thought this was the best thing ever: perfect weight and softness,” one happy buyer says. 

12. Rainbow scratch paper is a creative way to entertain kids of all ages. 


This complete set of 50 scratch sheets, 5 wooden styluses, 4 stencils, and 1 brush will create an afternoon of fun in an instant. 

When bedtime is hours away and your kids are bouncing off the walls, this creative project is your new go-to.

Plus, they’re engaging for everyone! Take it from this satisfied customer: 

“My kids are 5, 9, and 13, and each of them loves these! Bright colors and hours of fun.”

13. Get this multi-functional fidget spinner to occupy their attention and improve logical thinking. 


Remember when fidget spinners were the big craze? Well, these transformable fidget spinners bring the toy to the next level! 

With the ability to transform into 5 different positions, your kids will be entertained while working on their hand-eye coordination and cognitive function. 

“My girls tell me these really help them focus while doing homework,” one happy parent writes. 

14. Body lotion that helps calm kids down? Yes, please! 


Another multi-functional product from Dr. Teal’s is their calming body lotion, infused with melatonin and fresh-smelling essential oils to help relax the mind. 

This lightweight lotion is a must-have addition to your bedtime routine because it helps children (and adults) wind down from the day naturally. 

For under $15 for a 3-pack, customers note this lotion is a “great value for your money.”

15. Compact design, precise timer settings, and 40 sleep sounds: this noise machine is the complete package!


Noise machines have been proven to help kids of all ages and adults sleep better while improving memory and brain function, so why not get one for your restless kid? 

The Magicteam noise machine has 40 non-looping sleep and relaxation sounds with over 30 volume levels and precise timer settings. 

Plus, the small design means you can take it anywhere you need. 

“This noise machine made a huge difference. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time,” one buyer says. 

16. Calming, organic bath bombs add fun and relaxation to your child’s nighttime routine. 


Let’s be honest: bathtime can get a little redundant. Switch things up and add a touch of tranquility for your child with a 50-pack of TranquilBliss bath bombs! 

With 10 scents to choose from, you can pick the scent and mood to best help your child wind down from the day. 

“Love the ease of use, moisturization, and aroma. WOW, what a great value for the money,” one buyer says!

17. Try fast-acting Monster Spray to help little ones who have a tough time falling asleep. 


Monster Spray from Plant Therapy combines some of the best-smelling essential oils, like Cedarwood and Chamomile, to bring tranquility to your child’s bed. 

Simply spray this product on pillows and sheets before bedtime and watch your little one’s nerves settle quickly. 

Several parents admitted that while they initially bought Monster Spray for their children, they ended up using it themselves because it “makes the bed smell wonderful and it’s very relaxing.” 

18. Watch your child fall asleep instantly with this 2-in-1 nightlight and white noise machine from iDealSleep. 


iDealSleep’s sleek design and numerous soothing sleeping sounds (white, brown, and pink noise, to name a few) really make this an all-around product. 

On top of that, the 12 different night lights available are perfect for little ones afraid of the dark! 

Numerous buyers said they would “definitely recommend” this noise machine because of the various light settings, volume capabilities, and cute design. 

19. Give your kids a safe space of their own with this indoor play tent. 


Fulfill their imaginative side with this indoor play tent and accompanying toys (and take their attention away from bothering you!). 

This fun and interactive set will occupy your little ones for hours, redirecting all that energy to someplace other than causing you stress. 

Many parents loved the product’s durability and value, allowing children to play in the tent over and over again without getting bored!

20. Rely on these highly rated, highly effective magnesium gummies to provide a natural relaxation solution. 


Magnesium is one of nature’s best calming solutions. And with tasty magnesium gummies from Dr. Moritz, you can provide your kids with effective mood support. 

Free of artificial colors and flavors, you can feel confident about giving this once-a-day vitamin to your child. 

Plus, the solution is fast-acting!

“This is the third day since my son is taking it, and I already see a difference,” one parent said.

21. A reverse coloring book is the calming solution you need if you have teens struggling with anxiety. 


Reverse coloring books are taking the creative and mindfulness market by storm because of their endless possibilities and instant anxiety relief! 

This book includes 50 pages that allow your child to handle their anxious thoughts and dive into their imaginative side.

“When I have too much anxiety, I doodle a little in this book, and it gets me going in no time,” one user assures. 

22. Crayola Globbles will be your and your kids’ new go-to to blow off steam and anxiety.


Crayola Globbles redefines stress balls with their vibrant colors and super sticky power, allowing you to throw them against any surface you want!

Do these squish toys attract dust and hair? Yes. Butttt they’re super easy to clean with warm water and soap. 

“They stick great and left no residue. A month after these were gifted, they still get daily use,” buyers say.

23. When all else fails, you can count on this roll-on migraine stick to relieve your tension.


If you’re having one of those days, the Migrastil Migraine Stick is here to save the day! 

Simply use the roll-on stick and apply the essential oil-infused solution to your temples, forehead, or back of the neck and watch your headaches melt away. 

“I started using this a couple of days ago and have been astounded by its effectiveness,” one headache-free buyer claims.  

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