New Parents Apologize To Neighbors For Screaming Newborn In The Best Way Possible

New Parents

When new parents Todd Wilson and Kristen Yanow learned just “how loud and how often newborns cry,” they felt bad for their neighbors, so they gave them a hilarious and genius peace offering.

Warning, this story has language that is NSFW.

The couple welcomed their son, Quint, on January 19, 2023. After a couple of days in the hospital, they brought him home to their one-bedroom NYC apartment. As Todd told Today, he and his partner had “three or four neighbors” and thin walls. So they knew people could hear Quint screaming at all hours.

“I didn’t want to terrify anybody,” he said.

Todd and Kristen wanted to tell their neighbors about their baby in a creative way, and they wanted to hand out some sort of olive branch, preferably in the form of alcohol. Kristen suggested placing bottles of wine by everyone’s doors, but Todd, a former bartender, had a better idea—hard liquor.

So after a few late nights, Todd taped a sign to his front door that read, “We have a newborn. He is loud. We are sorry. He’s cute as f**k, but very noisy. Bear with us. Thanks for your patience. Take a nip or 2 at your leisure.”

Under the sign, Todd hung a bucket that was filled with mini bottles of Jameson and tequila. The neighbors—and almost 200K strangers on the internet—loved the sentiment.

The New Parents Felt Blessed To Have a Healthy, Crying Baby

Popular Instagram site What Is New York shared a photo of the letter on their page. It earned over 170K likes and thousands of comments. The news even got to Kelly Clarkson, who featured Todd and Quint on her talk show.

While many parents would wish away the loud and sleepless nights that come during the first few months, Todd was actually happy to experience them. He told the publication that Quint spent five days in the NICU because he couldn’t cry.

Quint was born with transient tachypnea, which happens when the amniotic fluid collects in a baby’s lungs.

“About twenty nurses and doctors ran into the room and every alarm in the hospital went off. Kristen and I didn’t think we were leaving with a child for a hot minute,” Todd recalled.

Fortunately, Quint rebounded quickly and has no lasting issues. Today, he is a happy and thriving toddler.

 “Quint is a tough little guy,” shared Todd. “He’s doing great.”

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