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Principal Explains What He Does On Snow Days & It’ll Have You Howling With Laughter.

principal snow day activities

When it’s a snow day and school is canceled we, of course, know what kids do!

Whether it’s sledding outdoors or playing video games inside, the day is often spent having as much fun as possible. But what exactly do teachers, or more specifically, school administrators do on a snow day? Well, one principal named Gerry Brooks decided to offer a “helpful” explanation.



“A lot of people wonder what principals do when it’s a snow day, so I’d like to go ahead and show you what we do … We work really hard,” he said. But rather than just telling, he decided to show, too.

What sort of “hard work” do principals allegedly do? Well, they play with hula hoops… lots of hula hoops.

hula hoops

There’s also the epic one-man basketball-dunking contests.


And what would a snow day be without the principal reading “The Ugly Duckling” while relaxing in some baskets?


Snow day or not, it’s always a good time with Play-Doh.


This funny video kind of drives the point home that although students don’t realize it, school administrators like to have fun, too! Kids might think that teachers and administrators will be bored without them, but this clip shows they can come up with all sorts of ways to “stay busy” on snow days, too.

Watch principal Brooks in the hilarious video below and share to spread some laughs!

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