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Preschoolers Asked To Create Horses For Art Project & The Results Are Adorably Hilarious

Horse art projects made from construction paper and yarn.

When this classroom of preschoolers started learning about farm animals, their teacher decided to assign them a fun art project on the subject. 29-year-old Briar Van Driel asked her students to each create a depiction of a horse using craft paper. She provided them with pre-cut shapes, which they would then assemble into the likeness of the animal’s head. For visual inspiration, she showed them a photo of a horse.

However, one of the wonderful things about preschoolers is that their imaginations aren’t constrained by concepts like anatomy or perspective. Those imaginations certainly ran wild during this art project! Some of the “horses” these children created were so hilarious, their teacher just had to share them online. However, she didn’t think they would go viral!

In her TikTok video, Briar showcased her preschoolers’ “abstract” interpretations of the art project. As it turned out, the provided paper shapes weren’t as clear-cut as you’d expect. These students had some pretty interesting ideas about how they should be put together! So far, the post has received over 5 million views.

Preschoolers were given “creative freedom” during this art project.

A horse art project made from construction paper and yarn.
Screengrab from TikTok

“They just had the verbal guidance that we were making a horse and got to look at a picture of a real horse,” Briar told Today. “They had full creative freedom to use the provided pieces in whatever way they desired on their papers.”

She added, “As an educator its so important that we give them the creative freedom and independence to do their art as they see fit (and) end up with a product that they are proud of that came from their own mind.”

An abstract horse made by a preschooler from construction paper.
Screengrab from TikTok

These preschoolers certainly exercised their creative freedom to the fullest in this horse-themed art project! We’re sure each of these masterpieces earned a proud place on the fridge at home.

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