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Pregnant Waitress Receives Astounding $1,300 Tip From Kind Patron.

A pregnant waitress cries after receiving a generous tip.

A pregnant waitress broke down in tears when one of her customers revealed the amount he and his friends were planning to tip her that day. In a heartwarming act of kindness captured on camera, a man at a restaurant asked his server to name the largest gratuity she’d ever received. When she said $100, she had no idea how much this customer was about to outdo that previous tip. He revealed that, together with his friends at the table, they were going to give her $1,300.

Of course, there was a catch: the man asked the pregnant waitress to share her generous tip with the cooks in the kitchen. However, $1,000 out of the total was for her alone! When the server received the cash, she started to cry. At first, she didn’t want to accept the sum.

“I really can’t,” she said through her tears, “It’s too much money.”

However, the man reassured her that the tip was all hers, reminding her that, “you’ve got a baby coming.” She gave everyone at the table a big hug! This video has been going viral on TikTok, and users are touched by the beautiful interaction.

A pregnant waitress cries after receiving a generous tip.
Screengrab from TikTok

“I love how she was crying and hugging for so long,” one person wrote.

This pregnant waitress was clearly floored by the generous tip she received. A gift like this can be life-changing for so many, like the New York server who received a huge gratuity from a mystery diner. We’re sure that these acts of kindness made a huge difference for both of these employees!

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