Husband Had No Idea Wife Was Pregnant, But When He Realizes It’s Baby Food… Amazing!

Finding the perfect way to announce you’re pregnant is different for every couple. But before you share with your family and friends, you have to tell your partner in crime.


So to give the exciting news to her husband Cory (a.k.a. DudeLikeHELLA), Kristen Williams chose to make it a fun little surprise. Throwing him off the scent, Kristen told him they were doing a blind taste test. Now, while Cory’s reactions are completely adorable as he nibbles on avocados and ice cream, the real surprise comes when he gets a taste of something just for babies.

As he bites into a spoonful of banana baby food it immediately takes him back to childhood. His mother told him he loved eating it as a child. Kristen tries to prompt him why in the world she put baby food in the taste test, but it takes a few moments for him to realize what’s happening.

Once he does, beautiful emotions come pouring out!

Moments like this derive their value from a deep, connected love. Life is most profoundly experienced with the people you most profoundly love.

Watch below and share their sweet joy with your friends!

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