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Precious: Dad Serenades Newborn Daughter Lying On Guitar & We Can’t Help Falling In Love

A man smiles as he sings and looks down. He's playing a guitar. Laying on top of his guitar is his newborn daughter.

New parents can get pretty creative when it comes to finding ways to calm their babies. Luckily for Jakub Machulda, he has his impressive musical skills to utilize in moments like these. This dad can play the guitar and sing so beautifully, even grown adults might find themselves nodding off as he serenades his daughter. But it’s not just Dad singing to his newborn that’s so great — it’s also the fact that she perfectly fits right on top of the guitar.

To make sure that little Ester is as comfortable as possible, Dad and Mom lay a soft blankie on top of the guitar. From here, they’re able to place Ester on top of it. Instantly, she’s right at home. But she doesn’t reach optimum coziness until Jakub starts to gently play and sing Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love. How fitting is this sweet song!?

“We love you our love!” Tereza Adams, Ester’s mom writes in the caption of her Instagram post.

Dad Sings Can’t Help Falling in Love to Newborn Daughter in the Sweetest Video

Dad’s voice sounds oh-so sweet at calming, something Ester clearly enjoys. At first, it even seems like she might fall asleep! In any case, this special moment between the two of them is absolutely melting hearts.

“Thirty-five weeks [pregnant and I’ve] been dealing with insomnia. It’s 5:52am (haven’t slept yet) but listening to this just made me fall asleep,” someone shares in the comments. “Going to replay it so I can go to sleep now.”

“My one year old just saw this video, and he kissed the phone,” one person writes.

“What a superb voice this man has! Gave me goosebumps,” another commenter says. “What a lucky little girl!”

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