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Mom Captures Precious Treasured Moments Between Her Deaf Father And Newborn

A deaf grandpa uses sign language to communicate with a baby.

One mom was touched to see her deaf dad bonding with her newborn baby, and she just had to share the footage with the world! Mara McCullough posted the sweetest video on social media of her daughter spending the day with Grandpa. He spoke to the little girl using sign language, and the child seemed fascinated by his rapidly moving hands. Mom translated everything her deaf dad was saying to the baby in her clip.

“Did you sleep well?” the grandfather asked the newborn. “What did you dream about?”

He was really impressed by the wide-eyed little girl’s perception as he asked his questions. This adorable baby also watched her grandpa intently while he helped her count her ten toes.

“She is very observant,” he told the baby’s mother. “She doesn’t want to miss anything. She’s always looking around at her surroundings.”

This baby loves exploring outside with Grandpa.

Next, Grandpa took the child outside for a breath of fresh air. Mom caught the best footage of her deaf dad showing the baby around the scenic backyard. According to him, the little girl is a big fan of nature.

“She loves being outdoors,” he signed, holding the infant in one arm. “She gets very excited. I know that because I can feel her legs and body tense up/kick in excitement every time we go outside.”

He added, “She likes the sound of the leaves crunching.”

It’s so beautiful to see this woman’s deaf dad spending time with her baby daughter. Commenters thought the footage was way too cute!

A deaf grandpa uses sign language to communicate with a baby.
Screengrab from TikTok

“He’s so invested in her emotional and mental development,” one user wrote. “He wants her to experience things and feel joy and excitement. I love them both so much.”

Another person noticed how the sweet little girl seemed to be trying to imitate the movements her grandfather’s hands made while he was signing.

“Her fingers are just a wiggling!” they said. “She’s going to be fluent in sign before she goes to kindergarten!”

What a sweet relationship this grandpa has with his granddaughter! Mom must be so happy to see her deaf dad getting along so well with her baby girl.

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