Shaquille O’Neal Buys Family of 11 Two Vehicles Then Keeps on Giving 

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is known for being a master of good deeds, but there was one day in 2022 when he truly outdid himself.

As Karissa Collins, mother of The Collins Kids, detailed on Instagram, the NBA great surprised her family one day by showing up at their house and offering to take them out to dinner. Karissa gladly accepted the gift.

“It was so much fun to just hang out and eat dinner with him,” she wrote in a post.

Shaq didn’t stop there. The next morning, he showed up again.

Shaquille O'Neal and the Collins Family

While talking to Karissa and her husband during dinner, he learned that Karissa was expecting her 10th child, which meant they were about to outgrow their 12-passenger van. So he took them to a Mercedes dealership to pick out a brand new 15-passenger van!

“They didn’t have any in stock and so we got to customize and order a van that should be here in July,” she shared.

After ordering the van, Shaquille O’Neal took the Collins family out to dinner again. This time, he treated them to the Rainforest Café. He also picked up the bill for the table beside them “not knowing that they were from out of state and here on missions.” AND he tipped their waitress $1000 because he heard that her car had broken down.

But that wasn’t all.

Shaquille O'Neal at Rainforest Cafe

After dinner, Shaq noticed that Karissa’s husband’s truck was in serious disrepair—the vehicle didn’t have air conditioning or heat. So, he took them to a Ford dealership and replaced it!

“He also spent time encouraging us and loving on our children and speaking life into our family,” she added. “I am completely lost for words.”

“Somebody wake me up because I must be dreaming,” she concluded. “Thank you @shaq times a million times!!! You have been such a blessing to us in so many ways.”

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