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Mom Shares Hysterical Videos Of Her Daughter’s Loopy Post-Surgery Ramblings.

Image shows a tonsillectomy patient eating an orange popsicle after surgery.

When Shani Jensen took her daughter in for a tonsillectomy, filming her recovery from anesthesia was a fun side-pursuit. We’re glad she thought to post this comedy gold!

The session was recorded in three parts. Part 1 opens with Shani’s daughter wearing a blue surgical cap and sucking an orange popsicle. While that is pretty normal after surgery, the conversation was anything but normal! Remember, Mom is trying to protect her from posting anything that “might be embarrassing” while she recovered from the anesthesia. By the way, you should always wear underwear when going to the hospital for surgery.


First time under anesthesia. 😂 “Where did my hat go?” “I didnt come here for them to take my hat!” 😂 #fypシ #fyp #anesthesia #tonsilectomy #tonsilstones #surgery #stayawayfromdrugs

♬ original sound – Shani Jensen

Part 2 continues with our little trooper talking to her sister, Sage. Our not-so-happy patient did a bit of sidetracking because she’s “missing a part” of herself. She whined because the medical staff wouldn’t let her see them to say goodbye! Her sister is absolutely no help in calming the patient’s post-anesthesia anxieties. After complaining that she hadn’t been able to get up yet, Sage suggested that they took her legs, too. This prompted a quick check under the blankets.

The saga continues with Part 3, as our patient interacts with the nurse, who is attempting to offer post-surgery instructions. When the daughter admits she isn’t paying attention, the nurse tells her that’s OK, then explains why they have her mom in the room with her. You can tell that the effects of the anesthesia are finally beginning to wear off. Sage stayed on the phone through much of this, and you can hear her laughing in the background.

If you have ever been in a hospital room with someone after their first time under anesthesia, you know what this mom was going through. We are concerned, though, that mom spent so much time trying to keep her daughter from posting anything embarrassing. After working so hard, Mom ended up posting this three-part saga on her own TikTok channel! Mom, we think that ship has sailed, and you were at the helm!

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