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6 Unforgettable Stories Of Accidental Run-Ins With Celebrities.

ludacris and The Rock

They say, “Never meet your heroes,” but sometimes, you just can’t help it! Celebrities are just like us: they go grocery shopping, they go out to eat, they visit the airport. Many of us have hilarious, inspiring, and awesome run-ins with our favorite celebrities!

X account @gothamhiphop took to the web to find out the best celebrity interactions folks have had in their lifetime. Some are sweet, some are funny, and some are downright epic!

Here are some of the best celebrity interactions on the thread!

1. That is literally too adorable.

2. Even rappers have to endure airports, I guess!

3. Who knew The Rock was such a jokester?

4. Will Ferrell really made the best out of a hard situation.

5. Classic Jennifer Aniston. Of course she has the best tips!

6. This fan saw a legend in action!

It’s easy to think of celebrities as being larger-than-life, but they’re just like us! These stories serve as a great reminder that amazing and silly things happen every single day. Keep your eyes peeled! You never know when Kylie is going to be inspired by your freckles!

The featured images for this post are from Twitter (here and here)

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