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Poppy Goes Home: Eagle-Eyed Conductor Spots Terrified Pug By The Tracks.

A sweet pug named Poppy was returned to her owners by a kind train driver.

Michael Jones was driving a freight train through Langham, England, when he noticed something unusual in the bushes. A little pug was cowering near the tracks, all alone! The driver immediately stopped to see if the dog was alright. He ended up bringing the pooch aboard the train with him so that he could keep an eye on her while trying to find her owners. According to BBC News, the dog was very frightened.

“She was trembling and looking down at the ground,” Michael said of the dog’s condition when he found her, adding that, “she was just looking so very sad and lonely.”

A freight train driver holds the lost pug he found near the tracks.
Dianne Mckendrick/Facebook

Meanwhile, Dawn and Ian Bain were frantically searching for their lost pug, Poppy. Apparently, she had run away the night before after being scared off by a car. Dawn stopped by the signal box at the Oakham level crossing, not that far from where the dog disappeared. That’s how the Bains found out that Poppy was not only safe, but would be getting a train ride home.

Michael drove the pug to Oakham station, where Dawn was waiting in her nightgown she and her husband had been searching for their dog all night long.

“In comes this train with this beautiful man on, with Poppy sat on his knee,” she recounted. “I cried, massively, and he cried.”

A sweet pug named Poppy was returned to her owners by a kind train driver.
Dawn Bain/Facebook

Now, Poppy is safe and sound at home. After a visit to the vet, Dawn was relieved to report that the pooch was unharmed by the harrowing experience. She’s incredibly grateful to Michael for rescuing her four-legged friend. The freight driver says that he’s just glad he saw her hiding.

“I genuinely believe if I hadn’t had spotted her, she would never have been found,” he said. “Where she was, no one is looking there for any particular reason.”

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