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Pony Does Top-Notch Impression Of Little Girl’s Antics

A little girl playing in the grass and a horse bucking nearby.

A playful pony has captivated the internet with a hilarious impression of her human. This horse saw the little girl hopping around on all fours and decided that it looked like fun! She started imitating the child’s movements, throwing her back legs into the air just like the young human was doing. A clip of this unusual bonding moment has already received over three million views on social media!

“Have you ever seen a pony playing with her girl like this? She’s mimicking her,” reads the caption. “The sweetest mare in the world!”


Have you ever seen a pony playing with her girl like this?! Shes mimicking her 🧡🥹 the sweetest mare in the world!! #equestrian #showjumper #pony #equestriantiktok #jumpingpony #playing #horseplay #childhood #joy #horsemanship

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We’re used to seeing kids play with pets like dogs or cats, but it’s pretty unique to see this type of interaction between a child and a horse! Watching this pony do her best impression of the little girl, it’s pretty clear that this pair have an incredible connection. They look like they had so much fun jumping around in the grass together!

Everyone loves this hilarious duo.

Commenters adored the sweet clip of the horse playing outside with the human child. They were really impressed by the relationship between the two!

“She doesn’t realize it, but mirroring is the deepest way to bond to a horse,” wrote one user.

“This is the strongest bond I’ve ever seen and also what a gorgeous horse,” added another.

A little girl playing in the grass and a horse bucking nearby.
Screengrab from TikTok

Even a professional weighed in, confirming that the pony doing the impression definitely had a fantastic friendship with the little girl.

“I’m a horse trainer and coach,” wrote the commenter. “And this is so incredibly cute. What an amazing bond!!”

It’s incredible how some children are able to connect with animals in such a special way. We love to see friendships like the one between this adorable little girl and her pony!

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