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Officers Rescue 2-Yr-Old Kidnapped During Carjacking, Whisk Him Off To Safety

An officer holds a toddler in his arms after saving him from a carjacking.

Recently, a little boy in Ohio was buckled up in the backseat of a pickup truck, sleeping. By the time the toddler was woken up, he was already caught up in a carjacking. That’s because 54-year-old Larry Spence stole the vehicle, not realizing there was a child inside. First responders swoop in to find them ASAP, utilizing a system that tracks license plates to their location.

In doing so, they’re able to locate the stolen pickup truck 80 minutes later. When they arrive, the vehicle is parked in a dirt lot. They carefully approach the truck, only to find that the toddler is in his seat all by himself. As you can imagine, the poor little guy is frightened, not knowing if he can trust the officers.

Body Cam Footage Show Cops Calming Toddler Caught Up in Carjacking

To help him calm down, the officers provide him with comforting items. This includes books, food, water, and toys.

“Do you like dinos?” one officer asks, showing off a dinosaur book. “My little boy likes dinos.”

Although the 2-year-old is clearly still upset, and understandably so, they’re able to calm him down a bit. Meanwhile, the remaining officers check the nearby building. Larry isn’t there, but he is found and captured by another group of officers about a half a mile away. He’s been charged for both the carjacking and kidnapping of the toddler.

Best of all, in no time, this sweet toddler is safe and back in his own home!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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