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Police Officer Arrives To “Pin” A New Hire, Is Stunned By Who Steps Out Of The Car

Left image shows a police officer closing a vehicle door in disbelief when he sees the occupant. Right image shows a heartfelt hug between father and "new recruit" daughter.

Law enforcement is a challenging career, but it is a calling for those who choose it. That calling often transfers down through generations within families. Such is the case when a police department hires the daughter of a senior officer. But the real challenge was keeping a secret for months while the daughter was in training so she could surprise her dad on Father’s Day!


I wouldn’t want to wear any other name on my vest. Happy Father’s Day to the best police officer I’ve ever known. #policeofficer #fathersday #leofamily #lawenforcement #policeoftiktok #coptok #fatherdaughter #fatheranddaughter #policefamily #pinningceremony

♬ what was i made for – happierthanever <3

In 2021, Alexandra secretly accepted a position with the same police department that her father worked for. The idea was for her to complete her training without his knowledge and surprise him. Police departments have a “pinning” ceremony where a new officer’s badge is pinned on them by a senior officer. Some departments make this a formal affair, with press, guests, and a complete award ceremony. Other departments keep it a low-key affair.

When it came time for Alexandra’s pinning, the department tapped her dad on Father’s Day. He had no clue who he was pinning and was unprepared to see his daughter step out of the vehicle for the impromptu ceremony. As the car door swings open, the senior officer steps forward. When he gets a glimpse, he steps back in disbelief as the recruit exits the vehicle. What happens next is all “Proud PaPa.” Even though he can barely believe what is happening, he radiates pride for his daughter.

Left image shows "recruit" Alexandra waiting inside a vehicle. Right image shows a police officer right before he discovers his daughter is the new hire he has been sent to "pin."
Images from TikTok.

This surprise ran pretty deep. According to follow-up comments, the police chief kept the daughter’s hire a secret because he is good friends with her father. They were able to conduct pre-hire screening, security, and background checks without tipping the surprised father off. His reaction and the resulting hug were worth the wait! Please share this hero daughter’s surprise.

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