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Pokémon Go Outing Leads Teens To Stop Traffic And Help Grandpa Cross The Road.

two 13-year-old boys helping an elderly man cross the street with his walker in aukland, new zealand

As Blake Ockleston and Daniel Coyle-Smith were making their way back home after a game of football, an elderly man nearby was struggling to cross the street.

The 13-year-olds were caught up playing Pokemon Go on their phones when the man caught their attention. Still, without hesitating, they asked if he needed any help. They weren’t doing it in hopes of getting attention, but because a woman named Lyguesshah Brooks shared the moment online, these sweet boys are getting praised by strangers all across the world for their kindness.

In Auckland, New Zealand, that Pokemon craze has recently caught on. And one day, two young boys were outside rounding up whatever characters they could from that game. Those boys were Blake Ockleston and Daniel Coyle-Smith.

The 13-year-olds were having a good time playing the game. And then, they spotted an elderly man struggling to cross the street. He was shaking as he stood with his walker, and it was obvious he was unsure of himself.

So Blake and Daniel put away the Pokemon stuff and walked over to the man. As they helped him out into the road, the light changed again. So one of them completely stopped all the traffic so they could get the man safely across the street. They then walked him across another street. But then they did something else.

Once they safely got him to the other side, they walked with him to his destination… the train station. And when they arrived there, one of the boys asked a security guard to stay with the man and help him.

“We didn’t expect anyone to post it up on Facebook,” both Blake and Daniel said. “We were just doing what we hope others would do too if they were in our shoes.”

What a mature response to all of the praise they’re getting! Not only are these young boys setting a great example for helping others, but they’re also giving us all a great lesson in humility!

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