Shelter Frees 100+ Pups From Life In A Lab In Its Largest Rescue Ever.

closeup of someone petting a beagle who is resting its head on their knee.

At first glance, the Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming looks like any other animal rescue facility.


Look closer, however, and you’ll discover that all of the animals living on the ranch, from farm animals to bunnies and dogs, were rescued from horrible lives inside laboratories or veterinary research facilities. Thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers at Kindness Ranch, these animals won’t be used as disposable test subjects ever again.

Recently, Kindness Ranch coordinated a massive rescue mission that saved 150 beagle puppies from a breeding facility in Virginia. These animals are all a year-and-a-half old or younger, and unlike most of the animals at Kindness Ranch, they’ve never been in a laboratory before. Because they were intercepted before being passed from breeder to lab, these animals are perfectly primed to be adopted into loving forever homes.

“To be able to intercept dogs before they were sold to research is unheard of and an opportunity that we could not pass up,” said John Ramer, director of the Kindness Ranch.

Beagles are often used in lab experiments because they’re so docile and have a low threshold for pain. Their good nature makes them easier to work with than some other dog breeds, which is also what makes them such wonderful companion animals.

Even so, caring for 150 barking, wriggling, needy puppies is never easy! Thankfully, the staff at Kindness Ranch are determined to show these puppies what kindness feels like for the first time in their young lives.

The puppies will be transported to the ranch in batches of about 30 dogs. They’ve partnered with Priceless Pets in Chino Hills, California, to get the dogs vetted, quarantined, and settled in. From there, they’ll be taken to various no-kill shelters to be adopted.

This batch of puppies differ from most other animals rescued by Kindness Ranch. Some of the animals that have been “retired” from veterinary or laboratory testing are so damaged, they can’t be adopted into regular homes. Instead, they’ll live the rest of their lives frolicking on the 1,000-acre ranch.

“In many breeding facilities these dogs would be considered undesirables and would otherwise be euthanized or incinerated or disposed of in another way,” John said.

Thanks to the efforts of these kind volunteers, the first 30 of the 150 beagles were vaccinated, neutered or spayed, and placed for adoption as early as March 2022!

Three cheers for the Kindness Ranch for taking on this incredible mission! They’re making such a huge difference in the world by giving animals, like these sweet pups, a second chance at the happy life they deserve.

Watch the video below to learn more about this historic rescue, and be sure to share.

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