Playful Cat Tries To Catch Snowflakes In Ridiculously Adorable Video.

Cat Catch Snowflakes

Cats are pretty awesome little creatures. They live inside, outside, or a combination of both. When an inside kitty can play outside during a snow shower, it can lead to some pretty silly antics. Our video selection today opens with an adorable tuxedo cat jumping around. When you look closely, you see the cause of the leaps. The cat is working hard to catch snowflakes as they fall!


Cat catching snowflakes on a city sidewalk.
Image from YouTube.

Tuxedo cats are so named due to their black and white coloration. They appear to be wearing tiny little kitty tuxedos. They are a favorite for housecats because of their typically gentle demeanor. Focusing on the snowfall, they can be very intense. Watching each small white flake, he carefully plans each jump, aiming to catch the elusive snow.

Cat jumping to catch snowflakes on a city sidewalk.
Image from YouTube.

As our little friend demonstrates, they can also be very active in singular pursuits. In this case, falling snowflakes have created a perfect display of agility. When our little hero is successful, imagine his distress as he discovers that snow melts on contact with his fur. A cat’s normal temperature is 101.0 to 102.5°F.

Catching snowflakes during a flurry.
Image from YouTube.

As you watch this little imp jump, spin, and flip, allow yourself a smile. This energy is almost a constant in my experience with tuxedo cats. These flurries are small-scale entertainment. If it begins snowing harder, our little kitty may give up out of frustration, but we hope not.

Kitty gymnastics during snow flurries.
Image from YouTube.

You should not leave indoor pets outside during inclement weather. Although it can be fun to watch them for short periods of time, leaving them outside can be harmful to them. This cat is trying hard to catch snowflakes, but when he stops, please take him inside. Share this if you enjoyed watching our little friend perform his gymnastics in pursuit of snowflakes.

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