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15 Interactive Works Of Graffiti Art That Turn The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

3d graffiti of a fish on a tank and 3d graffiti of a dinosaur

When our day-to-day routines become mundane, it’s talented artists like Pierrot who find a way to add a little fun to the otherwise ordinary.

Through his 3D graffiti, Pierrot is always looking to liven up the city streets of France. His masterpieces are shared online, too, and he’s garnered 150,000 followers on Instagram. We’ve gathered some of his most mind-blowing works for you to enjoy!

1. Creating art started as a hobby, but the talented Pierrot turned his love of graffiti into a career.

2. Through his company, GrafoDeco, he offers services to those “who are anxious to bring a touch of originality to their interior or exterior decorations.”

3. Even though Pierrot has created his own career, he hasn’t lost sight of why he’s so passionate about what he does.

4. “My primary goal is to make people laugh. For people to have fun and escape by looking at my paintings,” he said.

5. Pierrot never attended art school. Instead, he learned from other artists and plenty of practice.

6. “I started doing 3D designs five or six years ago, but I’ve been painting for 20 years.”

7. Creating these masterpieces takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity.

8. “I watch a movie or a cartoon and an idea comes to me. I also come up with ideas by looking at the wall I’m about to work on.”

9. He doesn’t maintain a certain theme, but all of Pierrot’s work is interactive. He loves when people pose and take photos with his creations.

10. “I don’t have a particular subject or theme in mind,” he said. “I don’t convey a specific message through my art. I just try to keep it childish and fun.”

11. One of the hardest parts of creating his art is not being too repetitive. To keep his creative well full, Pierrot strives to be active and aware of the world around him.

12. “My friends and traveling motivate me to always be more detailed and complicated,” he said.

13. Being an artist comes with its own challenges, but Pierrot absolutely loves what he does, and he encourages others to do the same.

14. “Keep your youthful soul alive, don’t be too serious and rigid in life.”

15. “Remember when you were 10 years old and the world seemed like magic. This is my life philosophy and above all, be curious about everything.”

Pierrot’s passion for art and making other people smile is absolutely contagious! It’s what motivates him to do what he does, and it serves as a reminder that no matter what we do, what’s most important is finding ways to make the world a better place.

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