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Picture Purrfect! How Ziggy The Cat Became This School’s Unofficial Pet.

Photo proof of Ziggy's school photo. He's sitting on a stool, looking directly at the camera.

Drury Primary School may have the best unofficial school pet of all time.

It all started in 2019 when Emma Roberts’ cat, Ziggy, made a sneaky getaway. Her 10 and 7-year-old daughters, Megan and Chloe, were on their 10-minute walk to school when he decided to follow along. Ever since, he’s made sure to visit the school as often as possible, much to the delight of students and teachers alike.

“He sleeps on the headmaster’s desk, on piles of books and he goes into every classroom,” Emma explained. “He even strolls across the hall when they’re having an assembly.”

But Ziggy’s most recent antic may top them all! As students patiently waited in line for their turn to have their school photo taken, this feisty feline decided that it was actually time for his photoshoot – and everyone was happy to oblige.

Emma learned of this photo ambush when Chloe handed her an envelope with their photos, Ziggy’s included. In an instant, she and the other mom’s nearby went into “floods of laughter.”

“I asked her what had gone on and she said he just jumped on the chair,” Emma said. “He didn’t need any encouragement, he just got up there for a photo. The school has just accepted him and he goes there at any opportunity. He’s there every day.”

“It’s difficult to keep a cat off the school grounds, even if you wanted to, but thankfully he’s one of the nicest cats I’ve ever come across,” headteacher Mark Biltcliffe said. “He thinks he’s a pupil so it’s fitting he’s had his own photo. I think it’ll be put up on the staff noticeboard.”

As for Emma, she plans on framing Ziggy’s portrait so she can place it on their mantle, right next to ones of Chloe and Megan. In other words, right where it belongs!

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