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Cat Steps Up As Unusual Yet Purrfect Co-Parent To Chicken Incubating Her Eggs.

cat and chicken incubate eggs together

If you want something done, sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself!

Olga Ivanhenko is a housewife in Ukraine. She keeps some chickens in a coop outside her home, and her cat Bonya has formed a “cautious friendship” with the bird friends who call the coop home. In fact, Bonya loves going right inside the coop to the nesting boxes, presumably because it’s a cozy and quiet place to take a nap. Recently, one of the hens laid some eggs in one of the nesting boxes. Instead of skipping that box, Bonya saw the eggs as a challenge and appointed themself chief incubator!

Olga shared a video of the cat and the hen seemingly sharing the nesting box, and it’s just too cute for words! Bonya insists on squeezing into the box, even though the chicken is not entirely thrilled about the intruder. At one point, they both get in there together!

Whatever their methods, their arrangement seems to be working! Olga recently shared a video of the first egg hatching, and they’re definitely co-parenting with the best of them.

How cute are these two? We can’t wait to see how Bonya reacts when “their” chicks start growing up.

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