Photographer Captures Rare Video Of Birds Courting Through Elaborate Dance.

These water birds have a special courting dance.

When photographer Peter Martin aimed his camera at a pair of birds in a South African national park, he had no idea he was encroaching on a romantic date! While the 28-year-old was observing wildlife at Langvlei Lake, he noticed two Greater Crested Grebes on the water. He knew he had to get some footage of the majestic birds, so he began to film. That’s when they started their impressively synchronized courtship dance!


“It was incredibly rare for me,” said Peter, according to Latest Sightings. “I’ve seen many Greater Crested Grebes before, but this was my first time witnessing their courtship display in person. I’ve seen videos of such displays and always been in awe, so this was particularly special.”

Watch the video below to see how these water birds flirt with each other!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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