Photo Of Lonely Grandpa Eating Burger Goes Viral Overnight, The Sad Truth Will Make You Think

A photo posted online Thursday was retweeted 100,000 times in just 24 hours… and the reason is too important to miss.

Kelsey Harmon was with her Grandpa Wednesday night when she snapped this pic of him at the dinner table. At first glance, the scene seems normal… but then you see the sadness in her grandad’s face.

“Papaw” was devastated. After making 12 burgers for all six of his grandkids, Kelsey was the only one who bothered to show up.  Nobody enjoys the feeling of abandonment.

But the internet’s reaction was swift.

Twitter users tracked down the rest of Kelsey’s cousins and gave them a hard time for not spending time with their grandpa. Kelsey’s cousin Brock was the first to make up for his absence and made sure to let everyone know he’d asked for forgiveness.

Rest assured, Papaw had no hard feelings for any of his grandkids… but he’s glad this experience made them reconsider how they spend their free time.

Brock followed up with this:

Later Thursday night, Kelsey and some of their close family friends stopped by to make sure gramps knew how much they loved him.

Why is this so wonderful? The outpouring of concern from the internet community for Papaw was heartwarming on its own, but the way his grandchildren recognized and made up for their mistake is more beautiful still.

Though this story has a happy ending, it contains a lesson we all need to remember: take every chance to be with the people that love you… you will never regret it.

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