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Humble Inventor Brings ‘Sharks’ To Tears With Most Emotional Pitch Ever.

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While the popular ABC show “Shark Tank” is all about striking business deals, it’s not uncommon for passionate contestants to end up in tears as they defend their ideas. However, it’s not often that the Sharks end up, crying too!

On one episode of “Shark Tank,” an entrepreneur named Phillip Lapuz and his partner Eric come to the sharks asking for $150k for a 15% stake in their company, Kronos Golf. They showed off their hand-crafted putter, describing it as the most precise putter in the world. The sharks were all impressed, but 3 of the 5 told Phillip and Eric they just weren’t interested in golf and pulled out, leaving behind only Kevin and Robert.

That’s when Robert asked the question that begins the video below: “What motivated you guys to start your own business?” Immediately, Phillip breaks down in tears.


“I’m engaged and my fiancée lives in Japan, and she can’t come out here unless I make this happen,” he explains. “I could’ve just continued my job as a consultant, making fine money. But this is my dream.”


All of the judges are moved by Phillip’s raw emotion and honestly. Phillip explains that he proposed to his fiancée, Mariko, 2 years ago, but her parents don’t approve of the risk he’s taking on Kronos Golf. That’s why he’s asking for the Sharks’ help, so that he can prove himself to Mariko’s parents and finally start a life with her.


Even the hardened “Mr. Wonderful” has to wipe away tears when he hears Phillip’s story. That level of transparency and vulnerability is so rare in the business world, but the Sharks can clearly see Phillip is genuine.


In the end, Phillip and Eric struck up a deal with Robert Herjavec, getting $150k for 30% of Kronos Golf.

Check out the emotional pitch below and share today!

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