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Down-To-Earth Farmer Who Puts People Over Profits Humbles “Shark Tank” Judges.

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Johnny Georges is, put simply, the man. His humility, perseverance, and authenticity are what changed his life when he appeared on “Shark Tank” in 2013.

Growing up, Johnny saw the struggles of farmers firsthand. His dad, Rick Georges, worked to help them, eventually inventing micro-sprinklers that delivered optimal irrigation to each individual tree. In 2005, Johnny took after his dad when he, too, created a groundbreaking agricultural invention.

tree t-pee founder

A salt-of-the-earth kind of guy, not one for standing in front of millionaires, Johnny appeared rather nervous as he started his pitch on “Shark Tank.”

He told the sharks that on average, farmers use 25,000 gallons of water on a single tree every year. But with his simple product, Tree T-Pee, that number can be cut down to just 800 gallons, saving growers tremendously.

tree tpee shark tank

“When good people come together with a noble cause, great things happen,” he says after a long pause.

Johnny is clearly passionate about improving the lives of farmers, saving them money and increasing their profits. The judges are moved, but at the same time, they push back, cutting Johnny down and highlighting his lack of business experience.

johnny georges

As it stood at the time of his pitch, he was only making about $1 on each Tree T-Pee. What’s more, he explained he was only selling to Florida growers in five counties! They were shocked he hadn’t raised the price and expanded his market.

But Johnny’s caring nature steals the show and the hearts of the judges. It goes to show that character can never be undervalued or underestimated; props to Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria for recognizing that.

john paul dejoria

At the end of the day, here’s the takeaway: Pursue your dreams, be a kind person, and don’t sacrifice your values. Johnny kept all of those in mind and now has a successful business to show for it.

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