Czech Artist Transforms Acorns Into Elves And We Can’t Get Enough Of Them.

You never know where you might be when your muse visits. For Petr Václavek of the Czech Republic, inspiration came while he was out on a walk with his kids.

Petr said they were collecting pockets full of acorns from the woods near their home. When they got back, they crafted the oak nuts into tiny “acorn elves” that Petr now calls Dubánci.

While his kids outgrew making the acorn people, Petr’s passion for the project only became stronger. Soon, he was creating more and more elaborate Dubánci and putting plenty of time and effort into capturing beautiful photographs of their whimsical hijinks.

After sharing his work online, his project really took off, leading to books, calendars, postcards, T-shirts, and interactive games. It’s easy to see why the Dubánci have gained such a huge international fan base. They’re absolutely adorable!

1. Dubánci are a mixture of two creative art forms: sculpture and photography.

2. The artist likes to play with movement and light.

3. Many of the Dubánci are as amusing as they are adorable.

4. There are Dubánci for every season and holiday.

5. The artist’s sense of humor is on full display.

6. Since they come from nature, these acorn elves spend a lot of time there.

7. But they’re always up for a party!

8. How could anyone be sad when looking at these happy faces?

9. The artist has won multiple awards for his work.

10. Petr still makes 100 percent of the Dubánci himself, calling himself a “one man show” on his website.

11. He wasn’t always an artist. In fact, he used to work in software and data engineering!


12. His lifelong love of crafting and woodworking made this transition a natural fit for him.

13. He loves the chance to be creative while highlighting the beauty of the natural world.

14. And making Dubánci sure beats sitting in an office all day!


15. Not to mention, they bring joy to many around the world.

Raise your hand if you have a new favorite artist! There seems to be a Dubánci for every occasion, and we love them all.

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