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5 Perks Of Being An Adult

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When it comes to being a kid, it seems like adulthood will never happen, the perks of being an adult are vast, and being a kid is tough. But somewhere along the way those wide-eyed views of adulthood get lost in that transition from youthful bliss to paying taxes.

However, as we’re told when we were younger, “count your blessings.” Those little notions of adulthood that we all admired and admonished for nearly two decades are still pretty great aspects of being an adult that we often forget.

1. Getting to drive

It’s such an easy one to forget that makes being an adult so great. That level of freedom and independence to hit the open road or go see friends whenever you’d like (schedules permitting) is something to be grateful and excited about daily. Granted, children don’t understand the frustrating concept of flat tires, traffic and speeding tickets.


2. Deciding what to eat

Now this is a constant struggle that adulthood hands us, but is seemingly liberating to any small tyke. Being able to cater to our gourmet cravings or convenient store vices anytime we please, makes being an adult a little bit cooler when you’re reminded. What seems wonderful about having McDonalds every day is often a hard reality of adulthood. Although, making that decision does become quite challenging and is often answered with “whatever is in the pantry/refrigerator.”

Take joy in the fact that you can have pizza seven nights a week or take out at 3am. This little thing is surely one to add to your blessings checklist.


3. Picking out your own outfits/clothes

They’re completely right. It is a pretty sweet deal. As a kid, I would try to wear the same batman costume daily. Many of the times, it wasn’t allowed to.

As a child, your outfits are often picked out, match, are clean and still fit.As an adult, you have the liberty to put a checkmark on any of those boxes that you’d like for your daily costume; even wear a Batman suit 7 days a week, if you’d like.


4. Doing what you want professionally

This one is a little trickier when it comes to reality. But as a kid, it’s so cool to think that you can be a firefighter, police officer, lawyer or doctor if you want to and choose to. Many adults still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, but we’re all still trying to figure that out.

Take a child’s mindset into consideration and realize how cool it is to have that freedom of choice and actually go pursue those dreams.

5. Sleeping in/staying up as late as you’d like

They are 100% correct. That is a great perk. The sleeping in thing may get interrupted the most, but staying up late is a risky game that we all know the penalty for, and love to play anyways.

So, maybe adulthood isn’t thaaaat bad. Maybe we need a child’s wisdom and fresh eyes to understand the potential in viewing our current stage of life innocently. We’ll continue to count our blessings and add each new perk to our checklist.

Share today and let us know any of your favorite blessings of adulthood.

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