People Say This Is The Cutest Breed Of Sheep In The World. It’s Us. We’re The People.

row of six valais blacknose sheep standing outside on green pasture.

We’ve got a new favorite animal! They’re so cute, in fact, that we’ll bet you’ll become an instant fan, too.

They’re called Valais Blacknose sheep. The internet has taken notice of these incredibly adorable creatures thanks to a viral video on social media. It featured a sheep trotting joyfully towards a human friend who’s offering him a cookie and, when we say trotting, just know that we really mean hopping.

1. Here’s the video that started our obsession. We can’t handle this much cuteness!

2. Naturally, we had to know more about this breed of sheep and fast.

3. They originated in the Valais region of Switzerland.

4. Blacknose sheep are a rare breed that dates back to 1400 A.D.

5. They almost went extinct two to three times due to human breeding mistakes, but they prevailed!

6. Blacknose sheep weren’t officially recognized as a breed until 1962.

7. In 2014, the first Blacknose sheep were imported to Great Britain. The United States followed in 2016.

8. They’re large yet nimble and sure-footed, making them perfectly suited to mountainous environments.

9. Just from the looks of them, it should come as no surprise that their wool makes excellent fiber for carpets, felting, and other textiles.

10. Blacknose sheep are 100 percent domesticated. They actually enjoy human contact!

11. Today, many people in Upper Valais keep them as pets because they’re so easily tamed and, as you can see, oh-so adorable!

12. They have distinctive black markings on their nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks, and feet.

13. People say they look just like stuffed toy animals, and we agree!

14. As if they weren’t precious enough, the breed is also known for their unique hopping stride and their love of treats.

15. And yes, they’re widely considered to be the cutest breed of sheep on the entire Earth!

We only have one question: Where can we get one? Also, how soon can we get one? We don’t want to go another minute without having one of these sweethearts in our lives!

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