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I’m Melting! 15 Animals That Appear To Have Reverted To Their Liquid State.

We love summer, but sometimes the heat can be way too hot to handle!

Animals often have a difficult time cooling down during the warmer summer months. Dogs pant, cats sprawl out on the tile floor, and outdoor animals seek shade. Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, pets seem to become completely boneless in the heat. That’s right, they become big old bags of love, but they’re still utterly adorable!

1. You know it’s hot when everything, including your dog’s jowls, starts liquifying.

2. Say hello to one very chillin’ chinchilla.

3. He went from bird to blob in just a few seconds.

4. This glass table seemed like a good spot to return to his liquid form and ponder the mysteries of the universe.

5. Can’t tell if he’s stretching or melting. Maybe a little of both?

6. Just a few sploots taking a little nap.

7. Speaking of hamsters doing sploots… this guy’s a pro!

8. Has anyone seen the dog? He was right here a minute ago….

9. This dog looks like someone deflated him like a pool raft.

10. Duck, duck, melting duck?

11. Did anyone order a big bowl of liquified cat?

12. And we thought dogs with jowls like these only created puddles of drool.

13. He may have collapsed mid-stride, judging by this position he’s in.

14. No, this isn’t Photoshop, he’s just a loooooong boy!

15. We never thought we’d see an owl out during the day, much less an owl that’s melted into a puddle.

Somebody get these animals a cool compress or something! These pictures make us even more grateful for air conditioning and iced tea. Stay cool out there, folks!

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