Penguin Goes From Loner To Social Butterfly Thanks To Special Corrective Booties.

lucas the penguin standing on a rock

A 4-year-old African penguin named Lucas has always been considered a “loner,” but not by choice.


Lucas, who lives in the San Diego Zoo, was born with a rare spinal condition that stops him from walking like his other penguin pals. His condition makes it painful for him to walk and, as a result, it has been very difficult for him to socialize and live a normal penguin life… until recently.

Thanks to an animal orthotics company, Lucas’ life has changed dramatically – for the better! Specialists built him a customized pair of corrective boots that help him walk more freely and without pain. Ever since he started wearing them, Lucas has switched from a “loner” to a social butterfly.

“It just warms my heart, to get him confident enough to walk around, through the other birds, and not be afraid,” said one of the zoo officials.

The penguin’s confidence is so high now that he even has a new girlfriend named Katy!

“Lucas has finally won her over with his respectful ways,” San Diego Zoo wrote in a post. “We love watching them defend each other from intruding birds.”

Watch Lucas’ beautiful transformation in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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