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Nothing To See Here! Not-So-Stealthy Cat Loves “Hiding” Under All Sorts Of Stuff.

pumpkin the orange cat “hiding” under a bathmat which is also orange. the bathmat only covers his torso, making his head, two of his legs, and his tail visible. the bathmat is partially on top of him but he’s also laying on top of part of it.

Like ninjas, cats are known for their impressive stealth skills… well, maybe that doesn’t apply to all of them.

Just don’t tell Pumpkin that. This orange cat seems to pride himself on his ability to perfectly hide underneath all sorts of household objects. Truth is, however, he’s not as sneaky as he thinks.

@pumpkinnwaffles The bag of invisibility #catsoftiktok #cutecats #orangecat #gingercat #orangecatenergy #sillycats ♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra

From tote bags to towels and bathmats, this silly little kitty will find just about anything he can to nestle under –anything that isn’t large enough to actually conceal his body, to be more specific.

“I believe he thinks if he’s under them you can’t see him,” Hannah Dordick, his Mom said. “Other than that, my guess is that he is just a weirdo.”

@pumpkinnwaffles He has a bath mat obsession #kittensoftiktok #sillycats #kittenoftiktok #weirdcats #rescuecat ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

In addition to being “a nutball,” Pumpkin is also the “sweetest little man,” according to Hannah. In fact, the only thing he might love more than training to be a ninja is cuddling up with his family.

“Adopting Pumpkin put the light back into my life,” she said. “His love and snuggles made everything better.”

Cat snuggles really do make everything better, huh? Pumpkin might not be the best ninja, but he’s certainly got a talent for sneaking his way into our hearts!

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