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15 Critters Who Got Caught Red-Pawed In Places They Definitely Don’t Belong

There are billions of animals in the world, but for the most part, they stay in their designated areas. But every so often, animals are spotted out and about in the strangest places!

The Twitter page Animals In The Wrong Places collects pictures of these odd encounters from all over the world. There are huge animals in tiny places, decidedly outside animals living their best lives indoors, and every other kind of incongruous pet spotting you can imagine. Here are some of the strangest sightings to date!

1. Somebody let him know when we get to the zoo’s stop, okay?

2. Just turn on Animal Planet for him and no one gets hurt.

3. Did someone order a toilet duck, extra rare?

4. “Private Kitty Cat, reporting for duty!”

5. “Something smells good! Is that pot roast?”

6. This dog has no regard for your petty beach rules!

7. Pigeon job interview: “Can you decorate a statue or a parked car while flying overhead? Yes? You’re hired!”

8. The police better exercise extreme caution while dealing with this hardened criminal.

9. He’s just stopping by for a dip before moo-ving on.

10. The new neigh-bor seems nice.

11. Too bad he has no idea how to get down.

12. “Hangin’ out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride….”

13. “Hey. So, the tuna casserole is at critically low levels. Just thought you should know.”

14. Next time maybe you’ll be a bit quicker with the treats!

15. This kitten is rocking a new tube top, and he wants everyone to see it.

How did they get there? And why? The world may never know. Thankfully the approximately 248,000 fans of this Twitter page will continue to photograph and report every weird place they see our four-legged friends for our amusement.

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